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AST's GMP 025 Pump


All of AST’s rugged equipment will save time and money and increase productivity by:

·         Better control of overfilling joints, cracks, and voids

·         Reducing material waste

·         Two workers can outperform the work of an entire crew

·         Jobs are finished in less time, requiring only one application

·         Machines are reliable, rugged, self-diagnostic, and have few moving parts

·         Fewer callbacks because product is mixed accurately every time

·         Optional tank heating grids and ratio verification monitoring 

AST Corporation’s GMP-025, known simply as the Lil’ Pro used for applying all types of non-abrasive materials for joint filling and optional low pressure spraying. The GMP-025 comes equipped with a 1/4 horsepower motor. The GMP-025 comes standard with an electrically driven dispense wand for better material control, and a chain drive system. This equipment that can be used for applying all types of urethanes, epoxies, polyureas, silicones and fire stop and can deliver up to 3 gallons per minute of material in metered shots or continuous flow.
For over 20 years AST has been building machines that have few moving parts, can be completely air or electrically operated and can pump heated or unheated viscous and abrasive materials. AST has a complete line of standard pumping equipment or we can design and build custom systems to your specifications. Further details regarding this system can be found on our web site,

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Quick Joint 85 Flyer GMP 025 Specs (277 KB)