Concrete Solutions Simplified


MVP Polyurea Pump


1. Manual Operation: No generator/compressor/extension cords resulting in a lighter weight, easily maneuverable cart. The MVP’s handles are removable to aid in transportation.

2. Positive Displacement System: A far more accurate system than gear or hydraulic –driven pumps thereby keeping materials on ratio more consistently.

3. Ball Valve Gun: Easy on/off dispensing wand

4. Troubleshooting/Cleaning & Maintenance: The simplicity of the MVP’s positive displacement system results in extremely fast & easy troubleshooting, cleaning and maintenance of the pump. Replacement of o-rings & seals can be done in less than 30 minutes. Rebuilding costs are minimal compared to gear/hydraulic systems.

5. Work Environment Friendly: No noise or gas fumes results in a more pleasant, safer work environment. 

CSS MVP PUMP DATA SHEET--030410 MVP Pump Data (2004 KB)