Quick-Joint 85 Material & Application Gun
Quick-Joint 85 Control Joint Filler

Product Summary
2 part fast-set joint filler material for new control &  construction joints and refilling damaged control joints.
Self-leveling 100% solids
Allows for 15% movement
Use down to –2o˚
Excellent elongation & strong physical properties
No filler or non-reactive components
100% polyurea-not a hybrid
Moisture tolerant

Quick-Repair 85 Material

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Quick-Joint 85 Advantages

1. Speed: Gel time-1.5 minutes; tack-free at 3 minutes. Return to Service in as fast as 1 hour.

2. Meets California VOC Regulations.

3. USDA Approved.

4. Non-Staining Formula.

5. Odorless.

6. No Toxic Vapors